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Together We Can Build a Better Community

At Desert Mountain Broadcasting, we consider community service to be of the utmost importance in our role as the leading radio broadcaster in the Bozeman area. Through our “Love Bozeman” initiative, we direct attention to the critical local issues currently facing our town while also providing a public platform to assist those in need. By showcasing the challenges confronting our neighbors and aiding organizations that support people struggling with life’s difficulties, we aim to foster a spirit of unity and compassion within our community. It is our sincere hope that “Love Bozeman” contributes meaningful solutions to problems plaguing our community, while giving a voice to the voiceless. Desert Mountain Broadcasting takes seriously our duty to uplift and serve the residents of this great town through responsible and solutions-oriented journalism.

Pack the Patrol Car 2022


Mount Ellis Academy Junior Benefit Carnival – March 2nd 2024

Mount Ellis Academy, located in Bozeman, Montana, is a renowned educational institution known for its commitment to academic excellence and character development. With a focus on nurturing students in a supportive environment, Mount Ellis Academy prepares young minds for success in both their academic and personal lives.

The Jungle Adventure Junior Benefit on March 2nd was an exciting event aimed at raising funds for various junior programs at Mount Ellis Academy, providing essential support for the students’ extracurricular activities and educational opportunities. We loved being apart of this event!

HRDC Bozeman/Bozeman Schools Foundation - Pack The Sack

In the recent Pack The Sack event, Love Bozeman played a crucial role in supporting HRDC Bozeman and the Bozeman Schools Foundation in their efforts to help children facing food insecurities. By actively participating in the event and mobilizing resources, Love Bozeman contributed significantly to ensuring that children in need received essential food supplies through the Pack The Sack initiative. Their involvement exemplifies their commitment to making a difference in the lives of those facing challenges within the community.

Bozeman Schools Foundation - School Lunch Fundraiser - Wipe Out 2023 School Lunch Debt

In a remarkable collaboration with Bozeman Schools Foundation and HRDC, we helped spearhead a successful campaign to eliminate school lunch debt in Bozeman, Montana. Through our collective efforts, we managed to raise an impressive sum of over $60,000, effectively wiping out the burden of school lunch debt for numerous students in the area.

Bozeman Ice Festival

In our support of the 2023 Bozeman Ice Festival, we took on the role of promoting this exciting event. Through our outreach efforts, social media campaigns, and collaborative endeavors, we helped generate enthusiasm and awareness for the festival, encouraging community members to participate and enjoy the festivities. Our involvement not only bolstered the success of the Bozeman Ice Festival but also underscored their passion for fostering a thriving and interconnected community in Bozeman.

2023 Santa Run for Education 5K - Bozeman Schools Foundation

In collaboration with the Bozeman Schools Foundation, we assisted in the Santa Run for Education 5K event. By partnering with this impactful foundation, we helped promote the event, which aimed to raise funds for educational programs and initiatives in Bozeman schools. Through their enthusiastic participation and support, Santa Run for Education 5K was a success. This further demonstrates our commitment to enhancing educational opportunities and fostering a thriving community spirit in Bozeman.

Bozeman Bike Kitchen - Bike Giveaway

In collaboration with the Bozeman Bike Kitchen, we helped promote the Bike Giveaway event, a heartwarming initiative aimed at providing bicycles to individuals in need. By lending their support, resources, and dedication to the cause, we helped ensure the success of the Bike Giveaway, spreading joy and mobility to recipients within the community. Bozeman Bike Kitchen’s involvement exemplifies its unwavering commitment to fostering inclusivity, empowerment, and support for all members of the Bozeman community.


Through our involvement in Adopt-A-Sox, we helped play a role in providing warmth and comfort to community members during challenging times. By participating in this initiative, we helped collect and distribute socks to those experiencing homelessness or hardship, offering essential warmth and dignity to those in need. Our dedication to this cause exemplifies their core values of empathy, generosity, and a deep-rooted desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others within the Bozeman community.

Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation – Warrior Taste Fest

The Warriors & Quiet Waters Warrior Taste Fest is a remarkable event that honors and supports our nation’s veterans in a unique and flavorful way. This festival brings together the community to celebrate and show appreciation for the service and sacrifice of veterans who have bravely served our country.

American Legion - Riders of Gallatin Valley

Through their involvement in various initiatives and events, the American Legion: Riders of Gallatin Valley exemplify the values of honor, integrity, and selflessness, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to serving those who have served our nation. Their dedication and unwavering support serve as a beacon of hope and gratitude within the Gallatin Valley community.